Do you double dip?

I was reading a blog I follow called “Tomorrow’s Professor” and they posted a discussion being held in the field of Political Science where faculty are double presenting papers at different conferences. I was taught in graduate school that this isn’t something you should do. Would we want our journalists to publish the same story twice? Or is that what we call AP? One argument being made is that many conference presentations are made in front of 10 or less people. I have heard that same argument made in ag comm and ag ed. At our recent ACE meeting we probably had 15 people in the room, and I was excited that it was such a great turn out. At that meeting we discussed a related issue of what determines publication. In the sister association of AAAE authors will present a paper at a regional meeting then present it again, after revisions, to the national meeting. It is published in proceedings CDs both times and then, most of the time, sent to a journal after final revisions. The argument behind this is that each step allows for discussion and better development of the piece. At ACE we typically have published a CD, but this year we moved to a CD only containing abstracts, as some people felt that by putting full papers on the CD, that mind you only 10-15 people get, it is published and shouldn’t be sent to a journal. 

I see both sides of these issues. My tenure committee isn’t going to want to see me with only 5 studies I have presented twice and then published, the want to see me doing a multitude of studies presented and published. A few articles that have followed that flow are ok, but it cannot look like I am “milking” the article or study. So I am very cautious in what I publish and where. But I do not feel that a CD is necessarily publication, and I don’t agree with the Political Science field in that you can present twice. AAAE is set up as regional meetings and not every article moves up, so I don’t see the big problem there.

So what constitutes publication? What constitutes presentation? Final presentation? I have taken an article I presented at AAAE and used the same data in a workshop at ACE. Is that double dipping? I am sharing my research (and I cited myself). What do you think?

A reminder…

Deer Creek State Park

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.

— Arthur Ashe

Watch what you blog!

I use blogging in a lot of my courses in engage the students outside of the classroom on the topics discussed in the classroom. I feel (while I haven’t gotten to study it yet) it is a good way to engage their critical thinking. However I now must add into my blogging instructions on day one something about legality.

A recent study out of the University of Washington discusses the fact that the number of bloggers expressing their political beliefs being arrested is increasing. The study found most arrest were occurring in the Middle East and Asia where technology restrictions are in place, but some have been found in North America as well.

What my students are more like to face however are the new regulations being set out by the AP recently.  They indicate they are going to form guidelines on how their information can be cited by bloggers. I know many bloggers who quote articles, many journalists who quote them as well. They are getting some backlash by bloggers who claim fair use in citing their work. This will be an important and interesting thing to follow as it unfolds. The articles state that AP currently charges by the word, I am impressed they have the time to police it and the means to enforce it. 

A great idea for my law class to study!!!


Where to work

<First off let me apologize for my absence. Every time I have tried to blog my browser doesn’t want to work with wordpress, but I fixed that!>

So I just noticed an article on MSN about how more people are working from home. It is interesting in the article they report that 25% spend less than 1 hour doing office work at home. Now first of I am skeptical because typically research like this isn’t based on a large generalizable sample, and I can’t believe people would do that. I work from home as much as I can (1 to save gas and 2 to not be interrupted like I am on campus), especially when I am grading or doing research writing. I find once I get going I am much more focused and relaxed. Do I sway from my work? I am human, and I enjoy a half hour of TV for a break or a walk out to see the horses on our farm. 

What this study doesn’t show you however, is the thing that makes me feel it is ok that I take those breaks. I may not have that structured 9-5, but when I work from home I miss the 2 hour commute back and forth and I work much later into the day (sometimes until 8 or 9). I recently talked with Kevin Gamble from eXtension at NC State about how the eXtension team works a lot from remote locations and stays in touch through twitter and other new social networking technologies. The workforce may no longer being doing our parent’s 9-5, but I sure know I put in my 50-60 hour weeks. Many people I have talked to, including Kevin, agree that given this flexibility people are happier and work harder, smarter, and more effectively when allowed to work where they want. So if you are hunting me down this summer and I am not in my office, I might be working at a picnic table at the state park by my house, happily writing up some research!

Is it education or a business?

I am currently teaching a magazine production course, and I find myself constantly balancing learning and running a business. The students do not see the divide, but for this to be a successful venture for all involved, I must keep the two separate in my mind. While thinking about this I am reminded that everything we do in academia follows this narrow line. Are our students our customers? Or are we there to teach them? In today’s budgeting system it is all about credit hours (and grants, but I am talking teaching), and to bring students in the classroom I am having to market my courses. While I am ok working in a business model, I worry that some days that clouds my ability to focus on the thing that is most important here: teaching future communicators!

Citizen Journalism… how can it help ag?

Research shows citizen journalism is at an all time high with the popularity of blogging. CNN has taken it a set further with their beta site for user-generated news at They have a disclaimer that nothing posted is verified, but they are pulling from the site for their own newscasts (these are verified). As ag journalists, we need to start posting to these places! What a great story assignment for young journalists in training. Post to one of these sites and see if CNN will pick up your ag story!

Want to network with others?

Recently I developed a social networking site for those in the agricultural communication field. If you are a fellow communicator please check it out:  I hope that this will be a great way for professionals and scholars to share ideas.

Wired Journalists Unite

I came across this a few weeks ago thanks to a blog I read from Poynter. A lot of discussion is being had in schools of journalism and ag communication about the integration of technology into newsrooms. In fact much of my own research focuses on it. Several journalists have united to share resources and ideas, using the same technology they are trying to learn. Wired Journalists is a social networking site for journalists with a current membership of 1554 individuals in the industry and journalism students. As ag communicators we are part of the journalism field. If you haven’t yet, join the group!

Teaching future communicators

The quarter is wrapping up and I am finally having a few seconds to reflect. This has been a long quarter, as is any quarter when you teach a technology course. There are always computer glitches and tech issues that arise that throw new learners for a tailspin, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The thing that is most gratifying for me is when their sites are done and how proud they are of what they can do. So as a proud teacher I have to share. I know I posted it before, but my students have been blogging and most recently they have posted podcasts which are interviews and photoshop tutorials. They did a great job! A few of my students also did a YouTube video. It is great!

Magazines meeting a need

I recently read something about how more magazines in 2007 have focused their online presence more than ever before. In the world of communication research it has been found that users want an interactive environment and are looking to online sources for information. Due to this there have been questions about the viability of traditional media.  (This is where my research interest lies and how agriculture is facing this.)

One magazine is doing a great job of finding standings in this new world of media. By allowing users a very interactive experience that is in its own way a social networking site. At readers can not only read magazine content they can add to it. I really feel this is where we will see mediagoing

Proud Teacher

My students in my Web course are blogging. Check them out:

Does it count?

As any assistant professor the word “tenure” sends shivers down my spine. The old adage “publish or perish” is always floating in the back of my mind. But the other day something hit me… I have always been told don’t do anything that doesn’t count toward your tenure. Such as will that presentation help you, will helping at that contest help you, etc. As I was cleaning my house on Sunday (for the first time in 4 weeks) I realized cleaning doesn’t count toward my tenure, and thus has moved to the bottom of my to-do list.

 This is where the problem comes in. As a new professor the first thing you have to learn is how to balance this world of academia with the world you live in. You can’t forget the other things in your life that make the days good. Outside of our hallowed halls of the university are our families, our homes, our hobbies (yes we must still have hobbies). And maybe it takes a deep wiff of cleaning solution to remind me of that sometimes.  Maybe if I focused on me as much as I do tenure, my house might get cleaned more often. Or maybe not 🙂