About Me

Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister.  Farmer. Shepherd. Teacher. Researcher. Adviser. Photographer. Designer.

We all are defined in many ways. While I’m an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, that is only one piece of who I am. My husband and I farm 1,000 acres in central Ohio on his family farm started by his Grandfather years ago. We also raise Southdown sheep, a passion of mine since growing up in the sheep industry. We are very environmentally conscious on our farm. We want to preserve our farm and our world for future agriculturalists.

I am a creative person who has always been taking photos and designing websites, but most recently my “crafting” side has come out. I enjoy trying new things to see what I can create.

My biggest role in life to date however joined us in April 2013. Harlie Grace is our little farm girl who adds much passion and excitement to our life. I look forward to watching her grow and become her own person.

This blog is my outlet to share in all of these areas. I struggle if this will be too crowded with information, but it is who I am.

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