Why We use antibiotics on the farm

Meet Cotton. This pretty girl got rowdy with her friends and sliced open her back leg. It’s not a pretty cut but we immediately worked to help her heal fast (see fashionable bandage). Imagine if this was your baby. Would you ask the doctor to not give it antibiotics to fend off infection and further illness?  I know I’d do the exact opposite. So since Cotton is one of our farm babies we ensure she is given everything she needs to stay healthy and fight off anything while her leg heals. We consult a vet and make sure all we do is in her best interest.  Cotton isn’t going into the meat supply but will hopefully grow to be a mommy some day. But if she was we’d be careful to watch withdrawal times for the antibiotics before she’d leave our farm. If you wonder why we do things on the farm please ask us? We are happy to explain all we do to protect our animals. 

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