How much do you share?

How much do you show off your farm? This weekend my husband and I will be hosting our ninth year of leaders from around the state of Ohio learning about agriculture. We bring them in during the busiest time of our farming year so they can see exactly what we do to produce the food that they’re eating. We bring them in all day Friday and Saturday to let them see local agricultural businesses, talk to industry leaders, and see exactly what our farm is about. Over the years we’ve had over several hundred people visit our farm and ask us questions about the food we raise and the practices we use. These people are not our neighbors, they are people from business and industry from around our state, from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton in military,  medical, and government industries. We think it’s really important that were sharing our story anyway we can. 

We hope that our daughter someday will take over the farm, and for there to be an environment in which she can farm using practices that we know are the best for the environment we need to make sure that our voters are consumers know why we do things. 

And we don’t stop with just this weekend, we also host film nights on the farimg_5033m where we invite families and kids to have the same conversations in a fun environment.

You don’t have to plan for months for a large event on your farm just grab some consumers and let them come for a day on the farm. And don’t just show them pretty pastures, show him everything you do, explain why you do it. That’s all people want to know. If we all just invite a few think of the impact we can make in educating a population that is 2, 3, or 4 generations removed from the land.  

One Comment on “How much do you share?

  1. I have been privileged to tak with Somme of the consumers that have gone through your “Ag days and movie night” and they do learn and have abetted appreciation of farm envirn and life

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