From one mom to another

Do you remember that first moment you held you precious angel? That moment you were overwhelmed with love for another human being you had just met? Love so strong you would do anything for them? Even though my little girl tests my patience daily as she navigates her toddler years, I am reminded of that love every time I see her.

It is that very love that keeps us using GMO crops on our farm. You2 see she drinks and bathes in the water from the well right next to those fields. She runs through the crops with her puppy looking for adventure. And yes, the better the crop the more money we have to take her to gymnastics or the zoo. By raising GMO crops we are able to be more environmentally friendly. We don’t have to use as many chemicals as her grandfather used to, so I know her water is safe. While they may be large, those fields are our “garden” and we rely on them to feed and clothe her. If we didn’t have the ability to use GMO crops, I hate to think what the environmental impact would be, and I hate to think of how less product produced would mean I’d have to say no when she asks to go to camp some summer.

We all want the best for our babies. Before you decide GMOs are bad please think about my little girl and read the research yourself. I love her as much, if not more, as I did that first time I held her. I want to be able to farm in a way that ensures her health and the health of the environment around her. Wouldn’t you want that for your baby?


A mom and farmer

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