Dear College Students….

As the new Fall Semester gets underway there are a few things I want to share with you from a professor. We know you are anxious this first week about how your classes will go. Guess what? So are we! Is our class ready? Are we ready to teach, grade, and engage you? Is our material challenging enough to push you to grow and learn without pushing you too far?

Over the summer while you were working and enjoying the warmth, I was at conferences trying to learn to be better for you. I am constantly thinking of how I can be a better teacher for you. How can I be the one who helps you think critically about my content? How can I be a support for you during your time here? How can I make the impact on you that my teachers made on me? How can I make you the best you to have a great future?blog

As day one starts I hope you remember a few things:

  • I’m human too… I have a family and there may be times I can’t respond to your email or text right away. Please be patient and know I want to answer you quickly, but my family comes first.
  • I’m respecting you by putting effort into every class session we have together and giving you feedback on your work. Please respect me by coming to class ready to learn.
  • I love being on my phone connected to my friends and family too, but during class I put it away so I can focus on you. Please show me the same respect.
  • Please think before you ask. Was what you are asking something I already said? Was it on the syllabus or course site? Is it something you can look up your self?
  • I’m always learning too. Can I do something better to help you learn? Please tell me. I want you to get the most out of my class you can, and I know I’m not perfect.
  • I’m not a mean person. If you don’t understand please ask me. I want you to learn and I will do all I can, even meet with you one-on-one. But if you don’t tell me I may not know. Please never be afraid to approach me.
  • If you need help come see me. And I don’t just mean in my class. I’m here to help you navigate this big place!

I hope that you have an amazing year. I hope you get all you can from my class and others. College is one of the best times of your life. It is more than in the classroom. I know that (remember I went to college too). I want you to get  a great degree and career. Know I am here to help you get there and as long as you respect me I will respect you.

Your Professor

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