A Place to Lay your Crayons

So this Fall I (ok Grandma) got Harlie a little table and chair set at an Amish auction my parents’ neighbors had for the Amish community school. It was so cute, but not ready for a Toddler to use. I wanted it to have a rustic feel so I did a little creative searching and came up with a great end product!

So here she is with the before. She couldn’t wait for me to get it done before she used it! And the after beside it!

So how did I get the old look?

Step 1: I stained the edges of the table and legs that I knew I’d want to show through a little.

Step 2: I took a candle (one of my leftover emergency candles from living in Florida during some bad hurricanes) and I rubbed it along all of the edges I knew I might want to show through. You can see in the photo there was a little residue left. I tried to use my hand to wipe some of that off so it wouldn’t have a clump under the paint.

Step 3: I painted the table and chairs as you normally would. I painted it a sea foam color as I hope to make that one of Harlie’s colors in her room as she grows out of her nursery motif.

Step 4: This was the fun part! I antiqued it by taking a very fine sandpaper (make sure it is fine so it doesn’t leave marks) and I sanded the edges where I wanted it to look old. I also did a slight sand on the top of the table so the paint looked a little worn. Now my husband thought I needed to sand and reveal more, but I just wanted a slight feel of antique to it. So Here is what it looked like.

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