Crafty… a little late

This post was something I meant to do a while ago…but better late than never. I try to be crafty when I can. It gives my mind a break from the daily grind of the university and the farm. So when Harlie started cribbing (chewing on her crib) I knew I needed to get creative! So I made my own cover. So this is what I did.
1. I measured my crib length taking close notes of what was the space between each post and the length of the posts. I then marked my felt ( I just got a few yards of felt cloth) and cut the slits.

2. Once I had the slits made I went to the crib and tied them on to it. I double knotted it so I knew she couldn’t get it undone. Then I trimmed the ends. Below is my final shot. I did this a few months ago and it has stayed great!

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