My Kids

ImageI always said I didn’t need kids of my own because I had amazing ones I work with everyday at work. At the end of each school year I am reminded why I love my job so much. Getting to see my “kids” succeed and enter the world I know they are ready to conquer. Every hour away from my family, every late night and early morning, every email while on vacation or while sick is worth it to me if I can make a difference. We don’t teach to get accolades, but when the end of the year rolls around and my seniors say thank you it makes me so happy. I know that I have helped them, but am also happy because they in their own ways have helped me have an amazing life. This year I got several thank you notes from my seniors, and my club I advise nominated me for an advising award I received from the university. I hope some day Harlie knows that while I hate not being by her side 24-7, I love my “kids” at work and am making a difference.

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