Ag literacy at its finest!

I love to check out the images of the week on every once in a while, and was amazed at what I found today. The amount of ag literacy in America is depressing. If anyone can get it right, I’d hope it would be media. But if they are getting it wrong how can we expect general citizens too. I have been working with several of my students looking at portrayals of ag online, especially related to groups against ag. It is a never ending battle, but one we must win. I’m no animal science expert, but I did grow up on a sheep farm. I KNOW this is no goat! Reuters get it right please!

2 Comments on “Ag literacy at its finest!

  1. WOW!!! I saw the picture and couldn’t believe it! The media is thinking that a sheep is really a goat? Being an Ag Com major I see my importance in the ag industry and why we need to have good, strong advocates for agriculture. I did post my own comment, trying to explain the photo better from a producers perspective. I encourage others to post as well; I feel many of the posts tend to be negative about agriculture.


  2. Oh boy. I tweeted this already. I know I’m about 3 months behind, but I just had to comment!

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