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So theories in new technology are still scarce. Many researchers are looking at the new media through old lenses, which they should. However, I have stumbled across Forrester’s idea of Social Technographics and I find it intriguing. His step approach to how individuals are using new media reminds me of classic Rogers’ Diffusion Theory, but puts it in a new perspective. See his chart below (which can also be found at the link above).



If you follow Roger’s theory related to this one you would see that in terms of “Web 2.0” we are still at a stage of early diffusion. Not surprising. What I find even more interesting is their discussions on how it can be used when we think of our audiences. Who are you trying to reach? With what new media. They note you should reach the creators who can give your message on down the ladder, but what about Ag where there are (I would guess) few creators. 

I am getting ready to do a survey with media… I will be adding this theory into it to test it out a little further.  I would love to test farmers as well (anyone interested in studying their reader/listenership?) Keep you posted…

One Comment on “Social Technographics

  1. Hi Emily, this is a really interesting post. I followed up with Forrester to find out more about the report. I am currently researching for a 2008 International State of eExtension report. The Forrester report is over 12 months old now which might actually be a long time in Social Media. I was trying to reconcile some of the numbers with the Universal McCann Wave 3 report. What is your feeling has the social media landscape changed significantly in the last 12 months. Have you made in roads with your own research since July? Look forward to reading more. Dean

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