Right now I feel that “work” defines me. We are finishing our basement in between business trips and work days. But through it all I am getting so much done. I have gotten several research articles out the door the last few days and I have made some connections for some future research. I think at my age and place in life there isn’t much I can do about the work, but keep trying to have fun one day a week. I try my hardest to have one day for me… granted this week that day was spent putting on a third coat of paint before the carpet comes. Oh Well. It will slow down someday.

One Comment on “Work

  1. Boy do I hear you loud and clear…

    Your days sound a lot like ours – work, work, work, and then remodeling the house, or running the weedeater, or cleaning out the garage, or any one of a million point three things I need to catch up on.

    And yet, I’ve always found the desire to keep work from “defining” us fascinating. In my world of ag communication (to borrow a phrase), my work is my defining characteristic. There is very little I do that doesn’t in some way relate back to our business.

    I think some folks struggle with that, particularly if they have a spouse who doesn’t in some way mirror that definition. What I mean to say is that I don’t think I would be as positive about the defining-ness of my profession if my wife weren’t my business partner.

    In fact, we often hear friends say something like “I don’t know how you two work together without killing each other…” And boy there are days (when she wants to kill me).

    But, all that is not to say that a committed professional cannot have a spouse in a different profession and maintain the appropriate balance of work and play, but that there is a tendency (in my observation), to feel a certain guilt about not having more “me time.”

    Boy, I can’t wait until my new kitchen’s done… I’ll get a lot more work done then…

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