Where to work

<First off let me apologize for my absence. Every time I have tried to blog my browser doesn’t want to work with wordpress, but I fixed that!>

So I just noticed an article on MSN about how more people are working from home. It is interesting in the article they report that 25% spend less than 1 hour doing office work at home. Now first of I am skeptical because typically research like this isn’t based on a large generalizable sample, and I can’t believe people would do that. I work from home as much as I can (1 to save gas and 2 to not be interrupted like I am on campus), especially when I am grading or doing research writing. I find once I get going I am much more focused and relaxed. Do I sway from my work? I am human, and I enjoy a half hour of TV for a break or a walk out to see the horses on our farm. 

What this study doesn’t show you however, is the thing that makes me feel it is ok that I take those breaks. I may not have that structured 9-5, but when I work from home I miss the 2 hour commute back and forth and I work much later into the day (sometimes until 8 or 9). I recently talked with Kevin Gamble from eXtension at NC State about how the eXtension team works a lot from remote locations and stays in touch through twitter and other new social networking technologies. The workforce may no longer being doing our parent’s 9-5, but I sure know I put in my 50-60 hour weeks. Many people I have talked to, including Kevin, agree that given this flexibility people are happier and work harder, smarter, and more effectively when allowed to work where they want. So if you are hunting me down this summer and I am not in my office, I might be working at a picnic table at the state park by my house, happily writing up some research!

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