Watch what you blog!

I use blogging in a lot of my courses in engage the students outside of the classroom on the topics discussed in the classroom. I feel (while I haven’t gotten to study it yet) it is a good way to engage their critical thinking. However I now must add into my blogging instructions on day one something about legality.

A recent study out of the University of Washington discusses the fact that the number of bloggers expressing their political beliefs being arrested is increasing. The study found most arrest were occurring in the Middle East and Asia where technology restrictions are in place, but some have been found in North America as well.

What my students are more like to face however are the new regulations being set out by the AP recently.  They indicate they are going to form guidelines on how their information can be cited by bloggers. I know many bloggers who quote articles, many journalists who quote them as well. They are getting some backlash by bloggers who claim fair use in citing their work. This will be an important and interesting thing to follow as it unfolds. The articles state that AP currently charges by the word, I am impressed they have the time to police it and the means to enforce it. 

A great idea for my law class to study!!!


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