Is it education or a business?

I am currently teaching a magazine production course, and I find myself constantly balancing learning and running a business. The students do not see the divide, but for this to be a successful venture for all involved, I must keep the two separate in my mind. While thinking about this I am reminded that everything we do in academia follows this narrow line. Are our students our customers? Or are we there to teach them? In today’s budgeting system it is all about credit hours (and grants, but I am talking teaching), and to bring students in the classroom I am having to market my courses. While I am ok working in a business model, I worry that some days that clouds my ability to focus on the thing that is most important here: teaching future communicators!

One Comment on “Is it education or a business?

  1. I came across your website / blog on the most unusual way. I was reading this months FAST COMPANY magazine and they featured an article about NING and its social networks.

    I joined them and made a search for ag related networks and found the one you started.

    After reading some of your posts and finding your blog and specifically this article it really intrigued me.

    I am in the private industry and I am experiencing the opposite of what you are……

    Every year it seems that as the agricultural extension services in the US and in other countries losses funding or changes priorities we in the private sector are doing a lot more educating.

    Maybe its the area in which we sell products. We sell micronutirents and other products to all crops all over the world. And every day I spend more and more time educating farmers about plant nutrition.

    Its true that I want them to buy my products but we have taken the approach of teaching the farmers the importance of proper nutrition and then they will decide if they or they don’t buy or technologies.

    Just wanted to share my experience … I have enjoyed your blog very much.

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