Second Life… Second Education

Many researchers and instructors (including myself) have been exploring how social networking technology can be successfully integrated into the classroom to enhance students’ experiences. While I am still undecided on the viability and usefulness of education in realms like second life, I am interested in their possibilities. I tend to be worried that sometimes we jump into technology because it is the new cool thing and not necessarily because it is the best thing. A recent article I read talked about a new island being formed in Second Life to help instructors learn to use the new world in their classrooms. I applaud this university for taking charge of the many instructors teaching in Second Life and helping to offer best tips. I can’t wait to navigate my avatar there to explore what they have to say.

One Comment on “Second Life… Second Education

  1. I’m signed up for a class entirely about Second Life next semester. I may still drop it, because I’m 1 class over my 9-credit hour limit. It’s between that and a marketing class. I agree with your standpoint on SL, but I feel like I need to learn about it in case it takes off in education.

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