Will I be in the “in crowd”

I was watching Grey’s Anatomy last night and it hit me when they were discussing the issue of high school cliques and how they are sometimes still around in our professional careers that I am still in cliques. I know I see it in my students, and could probably iron it out in academic circles if you asked me to.  However how has this changed through our experiences in cyber-space? There are social networking sites for just about everyone today. From the Myspaces and Facebooks of the world to those just for baby boomers, everyone can find a “clique” of their own online. Heck, I even joined one a few months ago for horse owners. Which brings me to my point. We are joining these to be connected socially to others with our own interests (sound like cliques in high-school? I know I was an “ag kid” because they were like me). But we are facing something I never thought I’d face outside of high school. As an “ag kid” I was also torn between my other cliques the “drama kids” the “honor students” and yes even the “cheerleaders.” I remember the struggles of which group to sit with and which group to spend Friday night with. Now I am not looking to spend Friday night or have lunch with my horse friends or Facebook friends, but the decision now is: Who do I spend my time connecting with?  I have a doc student looking at how blogs are forms on online communities, but what about these social networking sites. When is too much community too much. Don’t we also have jobs and “live networks” to mingle with? If I were to keep up with my online groups, I don’t know who would teach my class? Or maybe I will just teach it online in Facebook? I have only logged into my horse social network site a few items, because just as back in high-school I had to pick my favorite groups to play with, and occasion I like to have a conversation with my family in real-time.

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