As a researcher I am very intrigued by how we as ag communicators and citizens of rural America are adopting and successfully (or unsuccessfully) using new technology to get our message out there. I personally not only research blogs and new technology, but I am in a transition generation that has only started being addicted to the technology (as our millennial generations are). I am “techie” by my own definition and can always be found using new technologies and social networking sites. I have tried my own blogs over the last few years, but a dissertation and the battle for tenure has always kept me at bay. So as I watch other ag communicators continue to adopt blogging, I feel I am a hypocrite if I don’t blog myself. So please read on. I hope to share not only my life as a new professor (or semi-new as my chair likes to say), my research, and my thoughts on agriculture and media.

2 Comments on “Beginnings

  1. I just read your blog. Being your Mother I have always wondered what you do in Ag. Com. I KNOW it was not just talking to cows as you once told me. The blog is really interesting being the farm from which you came. Keep it up and of course we will be checking on you as always. Mom

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